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Zoning Map Atlas

The Zoning Map Atlas was prepared by the Planning/Land Use Office
(download may take awhile)

Date Revised: July 1, 2010

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Zoning Wall Map

The Zoning Wall Map provides a Townwide view of the Zoning classifications

Date Revised: August 2010

1 MB
Stonington Borough Zoning

This map provides the Zoning classifications for the Stonington Borough

Date Revised: May 2003

300 KB
Street Index

This map is a quick reference guide to
street names and locations for
the Town of Stonington
(download may take awhile)

Date Revised: November 2007

7 MB
Stonington Public Schools

This map provides the locations for Stonington Public Schools

Date Revised: May 2007

1 MB

These maps provide
Digital Flood Insurance Mapping

Date Revised: July 2013

Flood Hazard

This map provides Flood Hazard Zones
with a property boundary overlay

Date Revised: 2013

1 MB
Fire Districts

This map provides the Fire Department services districts and grid

Date Revised: December 2009

500 KB

This map provides
Coastal Area Management Areas
with Property Boundaries

Date Revised: July 2010

600 KB
Aquifer Zones

This map provides Stonington Aquifer Protection Zones with a Groundwater Protection Overlay District

Date Revised: July 2010

600 KB
Stonington Voting Districts

This map provides the Voting Districts and Polling locations

Date Revised: July 2011

300 KB